Option Builder from Trade Rush


Trade Rush has unanimously been acclaimed as one of the leading binary option trading brokers in the financial markets owing to the fact that it offers features that are way ahead of its contemporaries. With an excellent payout ranging between 70% and 81%, this broker offers browser as well as mobile platforms to traders for trading.

Aside from its numerous features like offering bonus that can reach up to 100% depending on the trading account type and promotion, you can expect to start trading with this broker with as little as USD$10 and the minimum deposit amount is USD$200. Not only that, unlike few trading platforms that do not allow US traders on their portals, Trade Rush deals with US traders too.

Also, it has live chat, telephone, and email support, for its traders. But one of the features that make it stand out from the rest is the Option Builder that is offered by the trading platform to its traders. Let us find out more about the same. Check it out.

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Option Builder - USP of Trade Rush

With the help of Option Builder from Trade Rush, you get opportunities galore so that you will be able to decide or determine the refund as well as the return amount that you would like for any particular trade. So, this is a feature that surely serves as its USP. This is a feature that is offered only by the brokers powered by Spot Option. In other words, Option Builder from Trade Rush will allow you to get the most out of your investment and trade, thereby opening avenues to earn the most and get optimum returns from your investment.

Aside from deciding upon the refund and return from your investment, this particular tool will also allow you to set your own expiation time/date and decide upon the risk to profit ratio. One of the greatest benefits of making use of this trading tool is that you can indulge in binary option trading with big amounts while restricting the profit ratio. The results obtained after making use of this tool will not only decide upon the returns but will also impact the bonus that you are entitled to get from any trading scenario.

Why do you get more bonuses with this tool?

The main reason is that if you opt for the tool Option Builder from Trade Rush, the exposure of the broker to market oscillations is reduced greatly. As such you can ask for more bonuses. On the other hand, if you opt for higher returns, the incentive you are entitled to also get reduced greatly.

Take profits and losses in your stride with Option Builder

Using the tool will ensure that you are in full control of the risk and gain that you are exposed to in any trade as you have the option to choose your own levels of risk and returns. Also as you fix your own levels of risks and gains; it becomes easier for you to choose the right trading strategy.

How does Option Builder work?

Working of the tool is easy. You have to select the asset you want to trade. Selecting the expiration time and date is the next step. You select percentage of risk you want to subject yourself to. Depending on your belief and prediction whether or not the price will peak above or below the expiry value, you select the “CALL or Above� button and “PUT or Below� button. Mention the investment amount you want to trade with and “Apply�. Wait and watch for the trade to proceed and let the trade take its own course.

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