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Welcome to, the best place to start your trading experience. Since you arrived on this website you are most likely trying to figure out which is the best binary trading broker out there. You must be confused since there are plenty of websites advertising hundreds of brokers and you may be seeing banners everywhere on the internet. Lucky for you, this is the best place to find what you're looking for.

We don't want to confuse our readers, so we came up with a straight and simple solution to your problem. A very small and compact list of the most reliable brokers out there. We won't list tens of brokers we know nothing about. Here you will find only the best. Although we don't endorse any of the brokers listed on this site as we are an independent reviewer, we believe they are the top choices at this time. If the environment changes over time, we will update our list accordingly.

Now let's see what we got here! Below is our updated list with the best binary options brokers:

2 Red Wood RED WOOD
3 U Binary U BINARY
4 Trade Hits TRADE HITS
5 Zoom Trader ZOOM TRADER

Binary options trading risks

Are the brokers listed on this site accepting traders from USA?

That's a legit question, as you probably know that many brokers refuse to accept clients from USA. Here is the good news: ALL the binary options brokers listed on this site accept US traders! One of the main criteria when making the selection is to make sure we choose only US friendly brokers. We don't want you to start filling your details in the registration form just to find out you cannot open an account. If for any reason one of the brokers will stop accepting US traders we will immediately remove it from the list.

Is it safe to trade binary options?

If you are here you are probably aware that binary trading comes with certain risk. First of all, you can have losing trades that will deplete your bankroll. This means you can lose your money when trading binaries. But this is the same with all derivative instruments like CFDs, Forex or other types of Options. When it comes to the binary brokers and the safety of your funds, we believe you are pretty safe but we always advise for caution. Since binary trading doesn't require very large investments and depositing or withdrawing money is very easy, we think it is best to keep your account funded with enough money to place several trades but without keeping your winnings forever in the account. We think you should keep the bulk of your money with a high profile bank that provides more safety than any broker.

Can I lose more than I invest?

The best part about binary options is that you can NEVER lose more than what you invest. This is not margin trading. The broker cannot ask you to come up with more money to cover the losses. You can lose only the amount of money you trade. When you buy an option you can lose only the value of that option. Nothing more.

What is the minimum investment needed for binary options trading?

Most brokers require a minimum investment of 200 USD, but minimum deposits can vary.

Is there anything else I need to know about binary options?

Well, the most important thing to know is to always remember the old saying "Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose". While everyone starts trading with the hope of earning money, you should always be aware that you can lose, so you should fully understand and accept the risk before starting to trade. No matter what people may say, there is nothing certain when it comes to money.

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